SectraPACS Sectra’s solution for storing, viewing, and sharing digital pathology images has received the CE mark for primary diagnostic use. The company’s technology enables more efficient cancer care by enhancing collaboration and sharing of images between pathologists and radiologists.

With Sectra’s solution, pathologists are able to review cases digitally on a computer screen, enabling them to eliminate the microscope. Bringing new tools to the pathologists’ fingertips, the digital format allows samples to be sent easily to other pathologists to share the workload or for specialist consultations, thereby facilitating quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

Pathology and radiology are at the center of cancer diagnosis and their collective findings are the basis for patient treatment and its outcome. Despite their joint responsibility for cancer diagnosis, the exchange of information between the two groups is often very limited as the radiology and pathology workflows are usually completely different.

Sectra’s solution for digital pathology is built on the same platform as Sectra’s radiology PACS, the solution for managing radiology images. The common technical platform enables closer collaboration between the two specialties, sometimes referred to as integrated diagnostics.

In the United States, digital pathology for primary diagnostics is still pending FDA approval.

For more information, visit Sectra.

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