By Caroline Dobuzinskis

Ascendian imageIn the RSNA exhibit hall, large equipment and innovative tools might catch the eye. However, equally important, you’ll also find service providers that can help manage clinical, business, and operations needs for providers large and small. Profiled below are several companies that will be on hand at RSNA 2014, offering services ranging from the management of strategic overhauls and mergers, to the more detail-oriented tasks of billing/collection automation, and equipment testing. By connecting with these experts, hospitals and practices can better navigate the competitive and challenging radiology business. Some of these companies will be exhibiting, while others will be attending RSNA. So be on the lookout for them!

Ascendian Healthcare Consulting (North Building, Hall B: Booth 6134) announces a new service line that provides an organization with steady footing, even in a shifting healthcare environment. Enterprise Imaging Transformation establishes a strong base from which to take bold steps toward addressing changing regulations, competitive challenges, and emerging models like Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Looking beyond the strategic plan, the experts at Ascendian also address the technology, processes, and people that make up an organization. Their aim is to ensure that clinical demands and technological requirements are met, enterprise strategies are pursued, and benchmarks and goals are successfully achieved.

Staying up to date on new technology and equipment takes smart investment and several investment services companies will be available at RSNA to offer their insight. Services from Siemens Financial Services (South Building, Hall A: Booth 1934), from advisory services to debt and equity capital, are designed to help clients boost efficiency and meet new regulations or technological needs while enhancing financial performance. Siemens, with a global network of healthcare finance professionals, provides a range of tailored equipment financing options, revolving lines of credit, term loans, and real estate financing. With over 20 years of lending experience in the healthcare financial market, Siemens Financial Services offers strong insight and knowledge of the financial aspects of healthcare and its delivery.

Desert Radiology Solutions (DRS) offers turnkey services that put board-certified radiology experts on the ground in small- to medium-sized hospitals.

Desert Radiology Solutions (DRS) offers turnkey services that put board-certified radiology experts on the ground in small- to medium-sized hospitals.

Las Vegas-based Desert Radiologists (North Building, Hall B: Booth 6601) is one of the largest private radiology practices in the United States. Their specially designed Desert Radiology Solutions (DRS), established in 2011, offers turnkey services that put board-certified radiology experts on the ground in small- to medium-sized hospitals. This high level of staffing support helps clients avoid the investment risk of hiring to fill skills gaps. DRS also provides 24-7 outside support through its over 60 board-certified physicians, including image interpretation in the most complex cases. As a result, patients who might otherwise have to travel to distant centers for imaging procedures and diagnoses can go directly to their local healthcare provider. DRS also offers customized business and management solutions—everything from teleradiology and technology solutions to billing services and contract negotiations.

West Physics (South Building, Hall A: Booth 5315) is a leading nationwide provider of medical and health physics services. West Physics is currently serving over 1,200 client sites across the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, offering expertise in physics consulting and testing, and helping facilities pursue accreditation with the American College of Radiology (ACR) and Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). West Physics can help with MRI, CT, PET, PET/CT, SPECT, mammography, and ultrasound accreditations. As part of providing testing services for some of the largest image providers in the United States, West Physics ensures that accreditation is consistently maintained. West Physics physicists, educated at the Masters or PhD level, have extensive experience in helping clients meet applicable state and federal regulations. They communicate directly with technical equipment personnel to avoid delays and ensure trouble-shooting happens as quickly as possible. West Physics’s team of experts also offers nuclear medicine auditing, consultation, program startup, and licensing services. The nuclear medicine services are designed and managed by a former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspector, bringing a high standard of excellence.

Regents Healthcare Resources Inc was formed in 1996 to assist hospitals and physicians in the planning, development, and assessment of imaging services. Regents is dedicated to the business side of radiology and physician practice. Its clients include physician groups, hospitals, and independent providers across the United States, with more than 1,000 successful engagements nationwide. Regents supports radiology practices and hospitals with services in assessments, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and business development. Regents also provides fine-tuned process evaluation and redesign, to include workflow analysis and benchmarking. By optimizing a client’s business and operational performance, Regents allows healthcare providers to focus their energies on patient care. The diagnosing of financial, strategic, or competitive challenges is in the hands of Regents’ staff, who can then create proactive strategies to achieve increased efficiency and productivity.

IMAGINE Software helps practices streamline billing and collections through a suite of cutting-edge products and services.

IMAGINE Software helps practices streamline billing and collections through a suite of cutting-edge products and services.

A growing force in medical billing and automation software, Technology Partners Inc (dba) IMAGINE Software currently provides services to over 9,000 radiologists across the United States. The company, named this year to Inc. magazine’s annual list of fastest growing private companies, streamlines billing and collections processes through a suite of cutting-edge products and services. These include solutions for enhancing workforce performance and workflow, for reducing the life cycle of medical claims, and for improving and digitizing recordkeeping. In delivering data integrity and intelligent automation, IMAGINE Software applies high-quality standards and best practices to accommodate the changing needs of healthcare providers. In addition, IMAGINE Software offers a range of training and continuing education options for clients to best suit their needs—from classroom-style to one-on-one. Customer service support is available to plan for effective software integration and ensure positive results.

Based just out of Atlanta, Coding Strategies (CSI) offers auditing, education, reference tools, and consulting services. The company’s experts help to take on the daily operational challenges that healthcare professionals face, such as coding, compliance, and reimbursement issues. With a focus on consulting and education, CSI also provides easy-to-use reference tools and publications. These provide quick access to coding references and other information needed for radiology, with the goal of saving time and money. CSI aims to provide unmatched resources for medical coding and documentation, as well as educational and coding support services. These exclusive resources can help providers achieve the highest levels of productivity and meet compliance plans.

At RSNA 2014, you are bound to be busier than ever. But after scoping out new advancements in the major modalities, make sure to save time to seek out practice management companies, too. After all, professional service companies can help keep your practice competitive.