Zotec Partners, Indianapolis, a medical billing, practice management and RIS software company, has renewed its medical billing services contract with Pueblo Radiology Medical Group, Inc, Santa Barbara, for another two years.

Pueblo Radiology’s original contract was with Healthcare Management Partners (HMP), which merged with Zotec in 2007. David Haws, CFO of Pueblo Radiology cited Zotec’s personnel for a large part of the renewal.

“While the company’s technology is robust and a key part to our success, it is the people on the Zotec team that have impressed us more than anything. They are always attentive to our needs and readily available,” said Haws in the press release.

Another factor for Haws was Zotec’s Decision Support reporting tool, which mines data for unique trends unavailable with other services.

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(Source: Press Release)