peerVue has entered a partnership with nonprofit organization Imaging the World (ITW). The agreement calls for the use of peerVue’s Qualitative Intelligence & Communications System (QICS) IT platform in ITW’s ultrasound imaging program in Uganda. The QICS will support global interpretation worklist management, structured reporting, results communications, workflow, and clinical outcomes analysis of the program’s overall results.

The first application for the collaboration will be for prenatal ultrasound. ITW’s Uganda program uses a newly designed process to train local midwives and other health care providers to capture high-quality ultrasound scans of pregnant women in remote villages. These are transmitted via cellular modem and the Internet to medical volunteers worldwide. Potentially lifesaving diagnoses are then returned, offering new treatment options.

The QICS platform will help collect information from multiple program participants, as well as to unify otherwise disparate IT systems. This will be used to help manage and monitor the program’s communication and workflow as well as provide structured exam reporting functionality and complex analysis of the final program results.