BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Optimal Reading Services Group, Inc., the national leader in radiology optimization solutions that increase business capacity, productivity and quality for hospitals and radiology groups, announced today that its Board of Directors has approved changing its name to Optimal IMX Inc.. The name Optimal IMX was chosen for its ability to more accurately represent the precision imaging management execution and excellence that Optimal has already been providing to the market place.

"After three years of explosive growth and two corporate acquisitions, our company long ago accomplished the mission implied by our old name," said Craig Parker, chief executive officer for Optimal IMX. "The new corporate identity better reflects our expanded mission and the broad set of optimization services that leverage a larger pool of radiological talent, advanced technology and technologically-enhanced processes. Our focus on imaging management execution and excellence, signified in the IMX component of our name, has been proven to help healthcare organizations achieve an even higher level of radiology capacity and performance optimization without adding staff and infrastructure. The name change better reflects who we are and what we have already been doing."

Parker added, "With the rapid growth of digital imaging, acute staffing shortages and more complex processes, our business has adapted to meet an unfulfilled market need. To stay in front of massive changes in imaging, customers need a unique configuration of finely tuned processes, high-end technology, interpretive services and streamlined operational infrastructure to support and tightly integrate specially selected and trained physicians. Our tailor-made optimizing services incorporate enhancements to and/or delivery of full-coverage reading services, after-hours and overflow coverage and sub-specialists in an on-site and/or off-site arrangement. Our customers see more output with lower costs while improving patient care."

The new strategic branding efforts underscores Optimal’s rapid growth and the substantial investment made by Health Evolution Partners Growth Fund earlier this summer to accelerate Optimal’s expansion throughout the United States. With customers in more than thirty states, Optimal has already become one of the largest radiology practices in the country, and according to Parker, "Optimal now has all the strategic and infrastructure pieces in place to more rapidly help more customers solve their imaging challenges."

The Optimal IMX name change is highlighted by a new corporate logo and the rollout of a new website at The new website contains information on the capabilities offered to solve issues facing the marketplace including:

Unacceptably slow turnaround of radiology reports
Inability to quickly recruit physicians who are a good match with the institutions that employ them
Low morale and reduced effectiveness for radiologists who must work far beyond the normal workday to try and manage a crushing workload of study volumes

A critical shortage of subspecialty skills at various locations, sometimes requiring the transfer of patients to other facilities
Unequal distribution of radiology expertise across a healthcare system’s disparate facilities and geographical coverage areas
"Radiology groups and hospital departments are engaged in a struggle with increasing workloads and shifting customer demands," said Dr. Neal Templeton, chief medical officer for Optimal IMX and former president of the American College of Radiology. "Gaps in coverage, staffing, quality, technology, finance and other key areas combine to make it difficult for radiology groups to consistently deliver high quality, productivity and profitability. Trying to fill these gaps with piecemeal solutions from multiple niche vendors can be a frustrating experience. Optimal IMX exists to fill all of these gaps through a single source."

Dr. Templeton explained further, "Optimal IMX is all about improving the treating physician’s ability to provide better care for patients in their community by helping radiology groups effectively deliver high, quality, and very responsive, study interpretations. We’ve placed all of the answers to medical imaging execution challenges under a single roof."

Optimal IMX offers:

  • Onsite, offsite and hybrid models for radiology coverage
  • Radiology recruiting services using in-depth physician data and precision compatibility matching
  • Consulting services to assist with strategy, staffing, workflow, technology and financial management
  • Preliminary and final reads
  • Coverage for days, nights and weekends
  • Coverage for overflow, vacation and temporary situations
  • Sub-specialty coverage
  • 2nd opinions and QA overreads
  • PACS/RIS technology platform, when needed
  • Professional fee billing and practice management services
  • Marketing assistance
  • Optimal IMX is branding its solution offering under the name "IMX3 Precision Optimization Services". IMX3 encompasses the "examination, expertise and execution" service dimensions of Optimal’s single-source solution, setting it apart from other service providers that deliver only partial and disconnected solutions.
  • IMX3 Precision Optimization Services:

For more information on Optimal IMX, visit

Source: Press Release