By Maria Rodeiro

NuBoom by CompView Medical

NuBoom by CompView Medical

At Torrance Memorial, we are dedicated to upholding our reputation as one of the premiere imaging centers in greater Southern California. We have achieved this status through a combination of leading board-certified radiologists, an outstanding support staff, and state-of-the-art imaging equipment and technology.

We are currently nearing completion on a brand-new patient tower, which reflects the future of hospital design and features the latest medical technologies and diagnostic capabilities in its surgical and interventional treatment rooms.

This new facility includes a highly efficient suite designed to handle minor, but important, interventional radiology procedures.

We perform a large number of PICC lines for cancer care, as well as IVs, dialysis catheters, vascular ultrasound, and other IR procedures for inpatients and outpatients. The demand for this suite will be high, and we wanted the best possible solution for mounting imaging displays and other equipment. Due to our experience using the NuBoom by CompView Medical in other treatment rooms, it made sense to utilize NuBoom’s technology and diagnostic capabilities.

The convenience of this technology improves the efficiency of our procedures. For example, we wanted to ensure that everything the medical team needed was at their fingertips. The NuBoom is able to accommodate a variety of displays and other features that our medical staff require, with everything mounted on highly adjustable C-arms.

Having the equipment mounted on the NuBoom keeps floors clear of wires, cables, and carts that may get in the way. Moreover, wires are contained, further improving the safety of the room.

Ergonomics also were an important consideration. With old-style stationary monitors, medical teams sometimes had to work in awkward positions and angles, which has the potential to create neck or back issues. With this type of C-arm technology, our medical team has the ability to position monitors precisely in the most comfortable manner and for the best possible view.

Another important feature is the ability to add a cantilevered procedure light and a lead radiation shield, which provides flexibility and an extra degree of safety.

The NuBoom was a great solution for our construction team, too. Since it is bolted into the floor instead of hanging from the ceiling, like some other options, installing it was much faster and easier. In fact, installation only took a couple of days.

Being in California, earthquake compliance is an important factor when it comes to equipment. Our construction team liked the fact that NuBoom has received OSHPD Special Seismic Certification, saving up to several weeks of permitting effort and time.

With the close involvement of our interventional radiologists prior to making a final decision, we were able to get their support of this new technology and improve their experience. By choosing NuBoom, our facility was able to improve ergonomics, flexibility, and ease of positioning for the best viewing and comfort, allowing our medical team to focus their attention on the most important aspect of any procedure—the patient.


Maria Rodeiro is Manager of Interventional Radiology at Torrance Memorial Medical Center.