April 9, 2007—NightHawk Radiology Holdings Inc, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, announced today its acquisition of The Radlinx Group, Irving, Tex, the third-largest provider of teleradiology services in the country.

“The RadLinx Group is an excellent addition to the current NightHawk suite of radiology solutions,” said Paul Berger, MD, chairman and CEO of NightHawk. “The acquisition significantly expands our core off-hours business, strengthens our partnerships with radiology groups to help grow our final interpretation and sub-specialty business, and extends our capability of providing radiology solutions and improving patient care with such a strong presence of doctors located domestically.”

The addition of Radlinx’s clientele of 303 hospitals increases NightHawk’s customer base to over 1,300 hospitals nationwide—24% of all US hospitals. NightHawk paid $53 million for the company.

—Cat Vasko