The Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), a national outpatient medical imaging network, has extended its partnership with Merge Healthcare to include the iConnect network. The Web-based interoperability platform will allow providers to share radiology reports that include links to medical images and patient information.

“Our strategy is simple. We want to focus on quality patient care by ensuring ease of access to imaging information for treating clinicians,” said Linda Bagley, senior vice president of business process and technology at CDI. “We’re collaborating with Merge to ultimately leverage iConnect Network’s single connection so our clinical customers will be able to easily exchange critical patient data and results electronically.”

“We value our longstanding partnership with CDI and are thrilled to support their goals for continuity of care,” said Justin Dearborn, CEO of Merge. “Through our iConnect Network, we’ll support care models and regulatory initiatives, such as value-based care and Meaningful Use Stage 2, as well as provide image-enabled reporting, allowing for better communication and performance amongst clinicians and hospitals to enhance the patient care experience.”

For more information, visit Center for Diagnostic Imaging and Merge.