The results of this year’s Medical Management Professionals, Inc. (MMP)’s annual physician survey are in and it shows that hospital-based radiology practices are receiving their highest amount (37%) of reimbursements from Medicare. Though not overwhelming, the next highest, BCBS, accounted for only 17%. Overall MMP found that the payor mix was split among nine different sources from the government to private insurance to even self pay.

In addition the tenth annual survey found that the average number of studies performed was over 218,000 and the average number of FTEs was 10.8. The survey covered hospital-based radiology practices only.

This year MMP reviewed data from both shareholder and non-shareholder radiology practices and found that the average shareholder practice had nine FTEs, had average 401k deferrals of $11,348, Roth 401k deferrals of $9,853, and average ER contributions (PS, Match, and Safe Harbor) of $37,901. For non-shareholders, MMP found that 100% of practices paid for malpractice, 95% for health coverage, 46% for dental/vision, 55% for disability, 68% for CMEs, 80% for dues and licenses, and 48% for medical expense reimbursement.

(Source: Press Release)