Merge Healthcare recently implemented an Authentic eFllm software amnesty program to help organizations comply with license agreements for its eFilm Workstation, as well as to address unauthorized use of the software.

The company has also joined the Software & Information Industry Association, the software and digital content industry’s principle trade association. The group works with members to thwart software piracy.

More than 100,000 copies of eFilm Workstation have been downloaded from Merge’s Web site since 2003.

Under the program, Merge requests eFilm users with license validity concerns to complete a software audit form by Dec. 31. Forms and information are available at Users who discover they are non-compliant have the opportunity to purchase a license without penalty during the amnesty period

Participation in this process will allow organizations to validate compliance with end-user licenses, including verification that they are not using pirated versions, shared software, multiple installations or expired licenses.

On Jan. 1, 2009, SIIA will begin auditing organizations that are reported as being non-compliant with eFilm licenses.