April 13, 2007—Radiopharmaceuticals providers MDS Nordion Inc, Ottawa, Canada, and Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Inc, Philadelphia, have entered into a collaboration agreement to support clinical studies for Avid’s latest radiopharmaceuticals, designed to diagnose and monitor Alzheimer’s disease. MDS Nordion will radiolabel Avid’s proprietary compounds for use in proof-of-concept clinical trials for SPECT imaging of Alzheimer’s disease.

“This partnership with Avid provides an exciting opportunity to develop a new molecular imaging agent that can assist researchers to identify a more effective therapy for this debilitating disease,” said Steve West, president of MDS Nordion. “MDS Nordion is using its proprietary technologies to work to develop these important compounds with our pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical partners.”

Avid’s lead product candidates are being developed to identify amyloid protein plaques, which are thought to accumulate in the brain before the onset of clinical symptoms of the disease.

—Cat Vasko