Marianne Matthews

They want to take his Blackberry away, and he is none too happy about it. By the time this publication reaches you, Barack Obama will have made history as our first African American President. But he’s a “first” of another kind, too—our first President to truly embrace the power of computer technology.

Obama has made it clear that he is committed to traditional systems that work well, but that innovation is critical, too.

Consider electronic medical records (EMRs). Studies show that only one in five physicians have converted from paper to EMRs—largely because it is a costly effort. According to the Associated Press, Obama promised a $50 billion investment to store patient records. His goal is to ensure that the nation transitions to EMRs within 5 years. EMRs will cut red tape, prevent medical mistakes, and save billions of dollars each year, Obama says.

My hunch is that many of our readers from both hospitals and imaging centers are pinning their hopes on the new administration to lead the way in the EMR revolution.

Leadership. As we usher in a new year, we know that leadership is what our readers expect from Axis Imaging News (IE) as well. Axis Imaging News continues to rank as the number one business journal for medical imaging professionals, providing comprehensive coverage of legislative, technological and business trends.

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We have great things in store for you for 2009. And, like our new administration, we’ll be bringing some positive changes to Axis Imaging News as well as adding new, technologically driven initiatives to keep you better informed.

Our traditional print brand, Axis Imaging News, is better than ever:

  • “Product Spotlight”—A new section covers all the major modalities because you need to know about the latest breakthroughs before you can make smart business decisions.
  • “Best Practices”—This new section offers ideas for hospitals, centers, and practices to improve workflow, increase productivity, and better market themselves—especially important in this difficult economic climate.
  • 4 Print Supplements—Look for dedicated supplements on Community Hospitals, Women’s Health, Portable Technology, and Emergency Imaging —all areas where diagnostic imaging is key, but where equipment acquisition, workflow solutions, and reimbursement remain challenges. We’ll bring you the solutions to keep your organization a step ahead.

You asked for more online editorial content, and we’ve responded. Here is what you can expect in the way of e-media on this web site:

  • New Web Site—You’ll find fresh content, a new “look,” and a user-friendly vehicle—it’s more than an online magazine; it’s a research tool for you to discover information on virtually any topic related to medical imaging.
  • 2 Weekly e-NewslettersIE’s Advisor brings you business news, and IE’s Tech Edge brings you product and research updates —quick and easy online reads that give you the information and competitive edge you need every week.
  • Blogs—Whether it’s a blog dedicated to a trade show or a specific subject, these interactive forums allow you to participate, express your opinion, and learn from others.
  • Podcasts—Our ongoing “Regulatory Watch” series continues to be a big hit. But look for podcasts on other subjects, too. Listen to industry experts —anywhere, anytime—and benefit from their advice.

Marianne Matthews