GE Healthcare is helping hospitals to be greener and more energy efficient with an expanded list of “ecomagination” products. Its Centricity Enterprise EMR and 80 other ecomagination offerings have been verified by a 3rd party to reduce cost and waste while also helping the environment.

For example, recently approved categories and products include Centricity Enterprise EMR, which can help reduce costs, improve productivity, and eliminate or reduce the amount of paper used, stored and ultimately sent to landfills.

GE also includes its 1.5T MR systems, which reportedly use 34% less energy than previous generation systems, and its GE Digital Mammography Platform, which can improve throughput and reduce waste, energy, water, and chemical use when compared to analog systems.

GE has also redesigned its packaging to be more eco-friendly. Its contrast media is now packaged in a +PLUSPAK™ polymer bottle instead of glass. GE says this change can reduce waste disposal costs, and storage. By being smaller and lightweight, radiology departments are able to significantly reduce the weight of its contrast media red bag waste.

To back up its GE ecomagination designation, GE submits each product to a third-party verification of all of its claims. For a full list of verified ecomagination products, visit or

(Source: Press Release)