GE Healthcare and Veran have entered into a strategic supplier agreement in which GE Healthcare becomes the exclusive distributor and reseller of Veran’s ig4 navigation system in the US. The deal brings together GE Healthcare’s Innova imaging systems and Veran’s electromagnetic navigation to create a comprehensive interventional oncology solution.

The multimodality Veran ig4 system uses electromagnetic localization and 4D registration to display an interventional instrument—such as a biopsy needle or an ablation needle—on a computer monitor with respect to anatomic imaging and treatment planning.

The system is compatible with GE’s Innova imaging systems, which acquire CT-like patient images of the target organs that can be exported to the navigation system in the same imaging suite, during the same interventional procedure. The displayed image provides navigation information to help physicians insert biopsy needles, ablation (RF, cryotherapy, and microwave) probes, and other devices through the skin more quickly and with greater target accuracy.