Fujifilm‘s Synapse 3D offers new tools for radiologists. Fully integrated with Synapse PACS and Cardiovascular, Synapse 3D provides one-click access and a consistent user interface. Synapse 3D eliminates the need to access advanced diagnostic tools from a separate workstation or with a separate login. Patient lists synchronize with Synapse PACS, making it up-to-date at all times. Already in use in the US and internationally, Synapse 3D has a number of features:

? Easy transition from Synapse PACS or Cardiovascular.
? Shared left-to-right, top-to bottom workflow for all tools.
? More than 25 clinical applications designed for use in both general and body part-specific diagnostics.
? IT-friendly design using SSL connectivity, virtualized environment, 64-bit OS support and multiple desktop operating system support.



[source: Fujifilm]