Stamford, Conn-based Fujifilm Medical Systems is launching a DEVO branding campaign for its new FDR D-EVO portable flat panel detector. As part of the campaign, FujiFilm will insert new lyrics into the classic 1980’s hit “Whip It” by the rock band, DEVO.

In addition to licensing the rights to alter and use “Whip It” in the campaign, DEVO has also been contracted to sing the new lyrics. Fujifilm ads will also be featuring the band’s iconic red “energy dome” hats.

Penny Maier, Fujifilm’s marketing director, imaging systems, explained in the press statement, “Since this is a DR product unlike any Fujifilm has introduced, we thought it only fitting to identify an original and captivating way to promote it. Working with the band DEVO was a logical fit because of the name, but also a great match with the band’s avant-garde spirit, groundbreaking music and videos.”  

The FDR D-EVO is not FDA cleared yet, but its clearance is expected soon. The system is a 6-pound, portable flat panel detector that can be easily retrofitted into existing analog x-ray suites.

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