August 27, 2007—eHealth Global Technologies Inc, Rochester, NY, and MedLink International Inc, Islandia, NY, have entered into a strategic alliance designed to provide clinicians with greater access to patients’ medical records. Under the terms of the deal, MedLink will promote eHG’s portfolio of services to its customers, and eHG will reciprocate.

"MedLink has an extremely strong portfolio of solutions for ambulatory practices, multi-specialty clinics and community hospitals," said Ken Rosenfeld, president of eHG. "We hope to make it even easier for MedLink’s clients and their patients to take advantage of this technology, by helping them deal with legacy medical records and link to scattered outside medical records that may be paper, film, or any number of digital formats."

"Together we are demonstrating how organizations can work together and bring solutions that empower physicians to make better decisions about the health of their patients and enable patients to more easily switch doctors, hospitals or health plans, intensifying the competition to provide good quality care."