New from Kardia Health Systems Inc, Rochester, Minn, is the Echocardiography Information Management System (EIMS), an echocardiography reporting and workflow solution developed by echo professionals at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester. The Web-based system guides clinicians through the complete workflow process, and the software is affordable and easy to install and maintain; it does not require lengthy training.

Developed by echo professionals at the Mayo Clinic, the Web-based Echocardiography Information Management System tracks the complete workflow process.

The system generates ICAEL-compliant structured reports and streamlines the echo workflow process?from patient scheduling to assignment of responsible health care personnel to logical template-guided entry of echo information with easy-to-access clinical normal values and severity scales; it also automatically generates interpretive diagnostic statements and billing information.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Scalable scheduling for ease of patient entry.
  2. Intuitive navigation.
  3. Cascading programming to tailor each exam based on procedure.
  4. Automated impression generation based on numerical data entry.
  5. Automates code and billing through suggested selections.
  6. Enables ICAEL accreditation.
  7. HIPAA-compliant.

The Visible Difference

The Web-based technology system is fully scalable, making it ideal for small-volume clinics and large health care institutions alike. The system?s intuitive interfaces make navigation simple throughout the process of managing variable lab staffing requirements, ultrasound machine tracking, and detailed procedure statistics. Online training and on-site training are available.