ACUSON SC2000 from Siemens Healthcare

During the 19th annual session of the American Society of Echocardiography, Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, showcased its new ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound, which the company says is the first system in the world to acquire nonstitched, real-time, full-volume 3D images of the heart in a single heart cycle.

Designed to foster a shift in the practice of echocardiography, the ACUSON SC2000 is equipped with Siemens’ patented Coherent Volume Formation technology, which moves away from serial line-by-line acquisition toward simultaneous multiple beams. A proprietary 4Z1C transducer was designed with active cooling technology, which enables full output power within regulatory limits. As a result, improved penetration is achieved, as well as reduced noise and high-volume acquisition rates, compared to conventional 3D transducers. The transducer provides a variety of modes, such as volume imaging, 2D, M-mode, color Doppler, and spectral Doppler.

The Visible Difference

Dubbed “Echo in a Heartbeat,” the latest ultrasound technology enables clinicians to acquire a full volume of the entire heart with 90? pyramids. This works to dramatically reduce acquisition time and improve overall workflow. Additionally, the ACUSON SC2000 system supports advanced cardiovascular applications, and its knowledge-based workflow software uses learned pattern-recognition technology and a database of real clinical cases. Therefore, the system can recognize anatomical patterns and landmarks, in addition to performing automatic measurements. Also, the system automatically derives reference-plane images from the full-volume cardiac capture data set and offers automated full-volume contouring. Further enhancing efficiency, an offline workstation permits reporting and complete review and processing of acquired volumes.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Real-time, full-volume imaging architecture
  2. Up to 64 parallel beams
  3. Fully programmable parallel beam configuration
  4. Retrospective transmit focusing
  5. Preserved information density and information in phase
  6. Fully programmable parameter-domain compounding
  7. Field-programmable Gate Array-based hardware
  8. Acoustic image processor with 8GB cine memory standard
  9. Volume Image Enhancement
  10. Plane Imaging Enhancement
  11. Full access to acoustic grid and acoustic image processor capabilities
  12. Flexible and expandable CPU- and GPU-based hardware
  13. Spectral Doppler processor that is multigate capable
  14. TEQ and Spectral Doppler TEQ Technology
  15. Cadence Contrast Pulse Sequencing technology