Brainvue-TCD 1000

With a focus on serving the specialty finance needs of medical facilities that both deliver health care and provide community support, new medical equipment company Medifico Inc, Lancaster, Pa, has launched the Brainvue-TCD 1000 ultrasound. The product enables physicians to measure blood flow in the brain to aid in the diagnosis, prevention, intervention, and treatment of strokes, migraines, concussions, and sickle cell disease; and aid in the detection of patent foramen ovale (PFO).

With the portable, handheld, and battery-operated ultrasound, physicians can complete a transcranial Doppler exam, store it on the removable flash card, and then print full-color reports from a laptop or desktop computer. The offering also connects via a USB port directly to an existing PC for advanced features, including real-time spectral display, patient report generation, and large-screen viewing.

The Brainvue-TCD 1000 can be used in a range of applications, such as the detection and monitoring of vasospasm following aneurismal subarachnoid hemorrhage, screening for basilar artery stenosis, diagnosis of intracranial stenosis and occlusion, evaluation of vasomotor reserve, and detection of PFO, among others.

The portable Brainvue-TCD 1000 lets physicians perform a transcranial Doppler exam, store it on a removable flash card, and print color reports from a laptop or desktop computer.

The Spec Sheet

  1. A full-featured, self-contained pocket TCD;
  2. A 256-color display;
  3. Sound and Spectral storage;
  4. More than 25 minutes per examination;
  5. More than 2 hours of examinations per 256MB memory card;
  6. Battery operation (rechargeable lithium-ion), with 10 examinations between charges based on typical usage;
  7. Probes: 2 MHz (PW), 4, 5, and 8 MHz (CW);
  8. Archiving to hard drive or CD-ROM with desktop application;
  9. A 1-year warranty (depot service);
  10. Free software upgrades for 1 year;
  11. An optional one- or two-channel headband fixation device.

The Visible Difference

Medifico aims to provide health care to underserved areas for the prevention of stroke and the diagnosis of conditions and neurological disorders. General practitioners and medical facilities will only be charged on a per-use basis. However, those wishing to buy, rather than lease, a unit can do so through Medifico’s sister label, Multigon, whose FDA-approved Neurovision 500P is identical to the Brainvue-TCD 1000.