Artis zeego

Siemens Medical Solutions’ next generation of interventional imaging solutions, the Artis zeego multiaxis system, aims to be both revolutionary and exceptionally versatile.

Included in the new Artis zee product line, the zeego operates on robotic technology that extends imaging capabilities through virtually unrestricted C-arm positioning. The positioner’s rotation center can be inserted anywhere in a sphere around the patient, and the robotic C-arm can precisely reproduce angulations and projections over and over again. Providing for views of the skull, neck, and spine, the Artis zeego also addresses neurointerventional challenges. The product is awaiting FDA clearance.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Multiaxis C-arm
  2. Adjustable isocenter
  3. Cross-sectional, large volume syngo DynaCT 3D imaging
  4. syngo iPilot, in which 3D roadmapping superimposes 3D reconstructions onto live 2D fluoroscopy images, 2D roadmaps, or digital subtraction angiography
  5. syngo iGuide, returning needle procedures to the interventional suite
  6. Intuitive, menu-driven workflows
  7. Ergonomic tableside device controls all system movements
  8. Flexible park positioning

The Visible Difference

Maximized flexibility in positioning allows for advanced cross-sectional imaging that cannot be attained through traditional C-arm systems, such as tilted table scans in the peripherals. The isocenter can be adjusted to meet both procedural needs and the height of the physician, which can help alleviate fatigue during lengthy procedures. Within a fraction of a second, the zeego can change its positional settings, letting physicians reproduce exact angulations during the same procedure without a need to reinject contrast.

Ideal for use in operating room settings, the Artis zeego enables advanced preoperative and postoperative imaging to be performed in the same room. Should an emergency occur, patients would not need to be transferred; instead, surgery could be started directly. Also, with its small footprint and flexible park positioning, the Artis zeego can be easily stowed away in a variety of environments.