1.5T/3T Upgradeable MRI

Showcasing a 1.5T/3T convertible MRI system.

At RSNA 2006, Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass, introduced the newest addition to its MR line: the Achieva XR convertible 1.5T/3T MRI system. Featuring new X-series technology?which encompasses magnet, gradient, and RF advancements for enhanced performance and a larger field of view?the Achieva XR is purchased as a standard-sized 1.5T system and upgraded at the owner?s leisure, making it adaptable to the emerging 3T market.

Most succinctly described as having key 3T building blocks (magnet, gradient) and a 1.5T easily exhangeable RF chain, the Achieva XR integrates the wiring of a 3T scanner into the smaller footprint of a 1.5T scanner. The Achieva XR boasts an integrated leasing program under which Philips Medical will provide service for the life of the system. Costing more than a traditional 1.5T scanner but less than a traditional 3T, the Achieva XR can be upgraded to the higher magnet strength in the space of a weekend. New software and ancillary items will be included in the upgrade, but the operating console remains the same. The cost of upgrading the system is not built into the initial price, providing customers with the choice to upgrade when it best suits them.

The Achieva XR offers all of the advanced features of the Achieva 1.5T, including SmartExam functionality, an expanded multichannel SENSE coil portfolio, the FreeWave platform, 2K imaging, 4D-TRAK, SENSE spectroscopy, and diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression.

The Achieva XR is cleared by the FDA, and installations are scheduled to begin in July.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Field strength: 1.5T, upgradeable to 3T
  2. Magnet length: 157 cm
  3. Tunnel length: 60 cm
  4. Weight: 4,500 kg
  5. Helium consumption: zero boil-off
  6. High-linearity quasar gradients: max 40 mT/m, 120 mT/m/ms
  7. Field of view: 50 cm
  8. Force balanced design: providing reduced vibration and reduced acoustic noise

The Visible Difference

The Achieva XR provides high-performance 1.5T with built-in 3T technology. The 3T building blocks will ensure that the MR system will be of value for its entire life while the MR market transitions to 3T. This 3T value is apparent even independent from the decision to upgrade the system to 3T or not. However, when 3T performance is needed, the Achieva XR is the only system that can be simply and cost-efficiently upgraded to 3T?just by ramping the magnet, without forklift and without construction efforts, enabling minimal downtime.