DX-D 600 and DX-D 100 from Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare, Greenville, SC, recently unveiled two new direct radiography (DR) solutions to address a diversity of imaging needs, and deliver productivity and workflow improvement benefits. The DX-D 600 (pictured) offers a full portfolio of fully motorized, semiautomatic, and manual configurations. The ceiling-suspended system is equipped with dual cesium iodide DR detectors in the wall stand and table, with optional integrated computed radiography (CR) as well. Other options include Full Leg/Full Spine with automatic image stitching. The DX-D 100 mobile direct digital x-ray unit can be used with several DR detectors (both tethered and wireless), delivering instant previews and leading-edge resolution for a broad range of general radiography x-ray studies.

www.agfa.com (864) 421-1600

AngioViz from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, has received FDA clearance of the AngioViz application, which gives doctors a new visualization of vascular flow on a single image to help them make important decisions during complex interventional radiology procedures. AngioViz yields its information from the digital subtraction angiography (DSA) technique. AngioViz provides a new visualization of the vascular flow seen in DSA imaging utilizing a technique called parametric imaging. AngioViz looks at each pixel in the image series and determines the peak value of opacification caused by the contrast, and the time it takes for that pixel to reach peak opacification. These two parameters can be displayed as separate images or combined into a single color-coded image that represents parameters of vascular flow. This enables doctors to perceive parameters of flow quickly to support decision-making.

www.gehealthcare.com (800) 886-0815

Biograph mMR from Siemens Healthcare

The FDA recently granted 510(k) clearance for the Biograph mMR from Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa. The new system enables simultaneous whole-body acquisition of MR and PET data. The Biograph mMR is the first complete integration of diagnostic-grade MR and PET into a single-gantry whole-body scanner through incorporation of its 3T MR technology and Avalanche photodiode solid-state PET detector technology, which addresses the functional incompatibility of MR and PET. Users are able to generate the location, function, and metabolic activity of organs in a single image at the same time. The Biograph mMR allows a combined approach to imaging anatomical, functional, and biochemical characteristics of disease. Patients can be scanned in as few as 30 minutes for a combined whole-body exam, compared to 1 hour or more for sequential MR and PET exams.

www.siemens.com/healthcare (800) 888-7436

RoentgenWorks ASP from BRIT Systems Inc

BRIT Systems Inc, Dallas, introduces the RoentgenWorks ASP, a new ASP solution for facilities seeking an affordable way to manage and distribute imaging data. The solution is based on BRIT’s 100% browser-based platform and offers different service levels to fit the varying needs of radiology group practices, imaging centers, and hospitals. Low start-up costs and no ongoing maintenance fees, as well as a low cost per study model, make the service affordable and low-risk. RoentgenWorks ASP utilizes fully redundant, secure RoentgenWorks servers that are hosted at BRIT’s data center to ensure data integrity and support iPad viewers for physicians. Images can be stored for up to 5 years, depending on the product level purchased. Additional service levels are available, including RIS scheduling via BRIT’s integrated RIS, UrgentWorks Critical Results Reporting and ER Discordance Tools, Roentgen Works Flow for remote reading workflow for radiologists, and NHIN Gateway for locating and retrieving CCR/CDAs for patients within a HIE.

www.brit.com (800) 230-7227

Luminos Agile from Siemens Healthcare

The Luminos Agile Fluoroscopy/Radiography system from Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA. The Luminos Agile is the first patient-side controlled system with dynamic flat-panel detector technology, a height-adjustable table, and true dual-use capability for fluoroscopy and radiography. The Luminos Agile’s 17” x 17” dynamic flat-panel detector provides an image that is up to 117% larger and allows for better patient coverage than a 13-inch image intensifier. The solution’s table height is the lowest in the industry for a patient-side system, adjusting from 25 to 44 inches. The Agile’s 600-pound table weight capacity and 24″-wide opening provide easy access for bariatric and immobile patients. The OPTI Grip handle provides ergonomic tableside operation for left- and right-handed users, and the FLUOROSPOT Compact digital imaging system for both fluoroscopy and radiography helps improve workflow efficiency.

www.siemens.com/healthcare (800) 888-7436

TAT Management for Opal-RAD PACS from Viztek LLC

Viztek LLC, Garner, NC, introduces an exam turnaround time (TAT) management feature for its Opal-RAD PACS. The technology is designed to streamline the workflow of teleradiology practices by prioritizing exams based on a client’s contracted time to perform study reading. The feature uses a color-based system to notify radiologists of the remaining time before a scheduled reading must be completed. After users input reading time parameters for each facility, worklist population and priority level is fully automatic. Studies are assigned a green, yellow, or red label for normal, medium, or rush reading timeframes, respectively. An integrated dashboard displays the unread studies in each category. Studies that are near the allotted reading time and flagged red are forced to the top of all integrated worklists for radiologists to prioritize. Other dashboard indicators provide real-time statistics for the number of unread studies at each TAT level.

www.viztek.net (800) 366-5343

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