One?6 from U-Systems

U-Systems, Sunnyvale, Calif, recently unveiled upgrades to its somo?v? Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS; pictured). Featuring breakthrough transducer technology designed to improve tissue coverage and image quality, the upgrade, One?6, also features scan station and workstation software improvements and ergonomic patient comfort enhancements. Developed to help radiologists simplify their reading protocol and reach higher levels of productivity, One?6 features software improvements enabling easy and rapid access to prior exams and images, faster exam loading, and customizable user- and session-specific setup protocols for improved workflow and batch reading efficiency. (408) 245-1970

MultiSync MD301C4 from NEC

NEC Display Solutions of America, Itasca, Ill, introduces the 30-inch MultiSync® MD301C4 medical diagnostic display for medical imaging and PACS in hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers, and other health care facilities. The four-megapixel color display is a medical-grade monitor designed for multiple types of radiology. It offers factory-adjusted DICOM calibration with self-monitoring brightness to maintain a specific luminance that can be set in the on-screen display or the included GammaCompMD QA software. The MD301C4 also includes several features to simplify the integration into a variety of health care IT environments, including the ability to emulate two legacy two-megapixel displays through the included picture-by-picture functionality. To save desktop space, the MD301C4 can control two computers simultaneously through DisplaySync ProT and the integrated USB hub, which functions as a keyboard, video, and mouse switch. (866) 632-6673

Extra-Large Knee Array Coil from Toshiba

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, has received FDA clearance for the extra-large knee Array coil for the Vantage Titan® MR system. Toshiba’s extra-large knee coil features a 22 cm interior diameter for MR imaging. The wide diameter of the extra-large knee Array coil can accommodate most bariatric patients, creating a more comfortable exam for the patient and better accuracy for the clinician. The extra-large knee Array coil can be used when imaging non-bariatric patients as well. The coil can be used for most routine and advanced MR knee studies, including assessing cartilage, fractures, or knee replacement. Other specifications include a transmit-receive six-channel Array coil design, ability to acquire high-SNR images, removable upper coil, and fast parallel processing. (800) 421-1968

MicroDose Mammography System from Sectra

The FDA has granted clearance to the MicroDose Mammography system from Sectra, Shelton, Conn. The Sectra MicroDose photon counting technology reduces the radiation dose by half of that used by other digital or film-based systems. Sectra’s photon counting detector technology enables the system to produce high-quality images with a low radiation dose. Unlike traditional analog and digital mammography modalities, which require a higher dose of radiation to ensure image quality, Sectra MicroDose Mammography detects x-ray photons individually. Images are delivered with 25 megapixels, which aids detection of early changes that occur with breast cancer. Sectra MicroDose is the first imaging modality based on photon counting detector technology to receive FDA clearance. (203) 925-0899

MiniMAX Lamp from Spectroline

Spectroline, Westbury, NY, offers the Spectroline® MiniMAX™ UV-5G lamp, a battery-operated, five-watt, short-wave (254 nm) UV lamp. It has been designed for laboratory applications including UV sanitizing of disease-causing microorganisms and UV degradation studies. The UV-5G lamp weighs only 11 oz (312 g), and it measures just 9 x 2? x 1 in (22.9 x 5.7 x 3.2 cm). The lamp comes with a wrist strap to reduce hand fatigue and is portable. The lamp is powered by four 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries (not included), which provide 4 to 6 hours of use. An AC adapter and nylon travel pouch are also included. (800) 274-8888


CoActiv Medical, Ridgefield, Conn, introduces the new EXAM-BROWSER™, a fully cloud-based, zero-footprint, universal clinical viewer that enables remote access to and review of medical images and reports. With the new EXAM-BROWSER, CoActiv hospital and imaging center clients storing images in CoActiv’s vendor-neutral archive can enable users to quickly and securely view and manipulate exams from virtually any browser-enabled computer or mobile device. EXAM-BROWSER can support multiple simultaneous users in different locations for true real-time interactive virtual consultation and collaborations. The new CoActiv browser supports a full range of modalities and image formats including 2D, multiplanar reformatting (MPR), 3D, and echocardiology with full cine. It allows comprehensive image manipulation with window/level, zoom, pan, rotate, and more in either single or multiple window formats. The browser functions on Windows, Linux, and Macs, as well as most smartphones and tablets. (203) 894-1651

Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP from Barco

Barco, Duluth, Ga, recently launched the Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP display system. The system is the first that has been cleared by the FDA for breast tomosynthesis. The Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP displays high-quality multimodality images. Barco’s proprietary RapidFrame™ technology speeds pixel refresh when reviewing multiframe image sequences such as tomosynthesis or breast MRI, eliminating blurring or ghosting. The system is equipped with the DuraLight Nova™ backlight and offers twice the calibrated brightness (1,000 cd/m) of conventional displays while maintaining a long lamp lifetime. The Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP comes with an adjustable dual-head stand and allows users to angle the displays to their preferred position for optimum viewing. The display can be viewed from a wide angle, without sacrificing contrast or black level. It also includes the integrated I-Guard™ sensor, which automatically checks contrast and luminance. (678) 475-8000

Gel Logic 4000 PRO from Carestream Molecular Imaging

Carestream Molecular Imaging, Woodbridge, Conn, introduces the Gel Logic 4000 PRO fully automated luminescent, UV-fluorescent, and radioisotopic imaging system for the life science research community. The solution can image a wide range of sample formats such as gels (DNA/RNA/protein), membranes (Western, Southern, Northern blots), and colony and microtiter plates. The system is capable of digital radiological imaging of in vitro samples for quantitative analysis of radiolabeled samples. Features include a cooled 4.2MP scientific grade camera (-29?C), f/0.95 lens, advanced LED lighting, 10 filter positions, and a motorized sample platform for up to 3x zoom and seven prefocused fields of view. This system offers integrated trans-UV, epi-white light, and trans-white light illumination for imaging of protein and DNA-based gels. (877) 747-4357

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