DX-D 100 DR Solution from Agfa

Agfa HealthCare, Ridgefield Park, NJ, introduced the DX-D 100 (FDA pending) mobile DR solution. The fully motorized, mobile digital x-ray unit complements Agfa’s range of direct radiography solutions. The system is easily moved and operated by a single person and delivers real-time previews with fast cycle times. It is also capable of storing up to 4,000 images at any time. The DX-D 100 is operated from a 15-inch touch screen. The system’s motor and generator batteries can be charged while the unit is in use. In addition, the unit connects with existing RIS and PACS platforms.

www.agfahealthcare.com (877) 777-AGFA

Juno DRF from Philips

Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, has released the Juno DRF diagnostic x-ray solution. The remote-controlled flat detector system combines digital radiography and fluoroscopy applications in one system enabling a wide range of applications. It also features a dual imaging mode, which increases room utilization and enables faster workflow. The system offers a 180 cm Source Image Distance and high table-weight capacity to allow for diverse exams and patient types. There is also an optional stitching function and vascular imaging package. The Juno DRF is not available for sale in Canada, however.

www.healthcare.philips.com (800) 229-6417

DIRECTVIEW Vita CR System from Carestream

Carestream Health Inc, Rochester, NY, has launched the DIRECTVIEW Vita CR system. The Vita CR system is ideal for small hospitals, clinics, and specialty practices. The entire system weighs only 79 pounds, making it smaller and lighter than other CR solutions. It also features an intuitive interface, reducing training time for relevant personnel. Other features include simple setup, a small physical footprint, and preconfigured image quality “looks.” Because of its durable, sealed design and ability to withstand rough handling and extreme temperature/humidity conditions, the Vita CR system is appropriate for military operations worldwide.

www.carestreamhealth.com (800) 328-2910

CinemaVision Headset from Resonance Technology

Resonance Technology Company Inc, Northridge, Calif, introduced a comfortable, low profile headset specifically crafted with ultrapliable material, to its existing CinemaVision MRI-compatible entertainment product selection. The innovative material accommodates a full range of coils while blocking gradient noise with the highest level of active noise cancellation in the industry. The material was also designed to reduce pressure and increase comfort for the patient. The headset features a high-performance digital microphone, which allows the patient to communicate with the technologist, which can ease patient anxiety. The microphone includes active-noise cancellation technology and full-frequency range audio, as well.

www.mrivideo.com (818) 882-1997

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