New Products for the Imaging Industry

Portable Ultrasound from GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, is offering the Venue 40, a small portable ultrasound system that allows physicians to quickly perform rapid diagnostics and needle-guided procedures at the point of care. The Venue 40 features a touch screen without buttons, knobs, or keyboards and has five applications that are designed for specific procedures and diagnostic exams in various clinical settings. Applications include: visualization of anatomy and needle at the bedside; visualization of both anatomy and needle for performing regional nerve blocks; visualization for biopsy guidance and line placements; applications to help in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle, tendon, and joint problems; and an application to visualize an ICU patient?s heart function and anatomy, or to help identify life-threatening abnormalities or free fluid in a trauma patient in the ER.
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RIS Version 5.5 from AMICAS

Boston-based AMICAS Inc is now offering its latest Radiology Information System (RIS) Version 5.5. The new version includes improved workflow tools to help providers manage preauthorization requirements, insurance eligibility, and patient status management, while also offering new tools to support business intelligence requirements in the radiology marketplace. Version 5.5?s new enhancement is designed to help improve schedule management, asset utilization, and operational efficiency.
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Compact XPERT 20 X-ray Imaging System for In Vivo Imaging from Kubtec

Milford, Conn-based Kubtec has launched its smallest compact digital cabinet x-ray system intended for specimen radiography systems for in vivo imaging. The unit is designed to be economical and have a small footprint of less than 11 x 12 inches. It also features more than 65,000 grayscales per image and high-resolution x-ray imaging, and allows for precise co-registration of the x-ray images with optical labels from other bio-imaging systems for improved localization of biological markers in vivo. The system includes a proprietary DIGICOM software suite with image analysis tools and a high-resolution, touch-screen monitor, as well as other features. The XPERT 20 is available with the option of two digital detector sizes, 2 x 2 (5 cm x 5 cm) or 2 x 4 (5 cm x 10 cm), and DICOM-compliant software.
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Bone Density Image Analysis Software from Carestream Molecular Imaging

Carestream Molecular Imaging, a division of Carestream Health Inc, Montreal, is now shipping a new Bone Density Software application that performs bone density analysis of small animals in vivo and measures mineral density of specimens in vitro. The software can expedite calculation and reporting for numerous applications ranging from the study of diseases of the bone, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, to the efficacy of drugs and other treatment options that may affect bone mineral and other densities. The module is offered as an option for existing Carestream Molecular Imaging Software. The software features a cylindrical model that provides measurements of the density of the bone, bone marrow, size of the bone, and thickness of the bone wall. It also utilizes low-dose ?soft? x-rays imaged with high spatial resolution, allowing researchers to measure specific segments of single long bones. The software is specifically designed for use with Carestream Molecular Imaging?s In-Vivo Imaging FX Pro, Multispectral FX, and DXS 4000 Pro Systems.
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Low Contrast Imaging for Infinix-i Systems from Toshiba

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, has introduced Low-Contrast Imaging (LCI) for its InfinixTM-i systems with mid (12 x 12 inch) and large (12 x 16) flat-panel detectors. The Infinix-i line features a five-axis C-arm for head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage and allows greater clinician access to the patient for diagnostic and interventional procedures. The Infinix-i line features freely moving components, ergonomic design, and a five-axis positioner, enabling physicians to obtain optimal angles for cardiac diagnosis and interventional procedures without repositioning the patient. LCI software added to Infinix-i systems enables better visualization of soft tissue in the angiography suite. Additionally, LCI technology may be used to confirm appropriate endpoints during interventional procedures, such as aortic stent-grafting. Infinix?s flexible design may also improve workflow and collaboration between cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and clinical staff during examinations or in hybrid OR settings.
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Allura Xper Cardio/Vascular X-ray Upgrade from Philips

Philips Healthcare North America, Andover, Mass, is now offering a free upgrade to customers with customer service agreements for its Allura Xper family of Cardio/Vascular X-ray devices; customers without a service agreement may purchase the upgrade. The enhancements include remote technologies for Remote Proactive Support, enabling Philips to automatically monitor each system and send alerts when issues arise. Users in North America will also receive Remote Desktop, a feature that allows Philips customer service teams to take control of systems and guide customers through the required steps for enhanced application support over the phone. The upgrade will also allow the installation of a new suite of Allura Xper options. Among the new options is XperGuide, a CT-like soft tissue imaging solution that provides live 3D needle image guidance during percutaneous needle interventions in the angio lab.
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