New Products for the Imaging Industry

STN-6800p from Storwize

Storwize Inc, San Jose, Calif, provider of real-time primary storage data compression solutions, unveiled the next generation edition of its STN-6000 family of products. Stemming from the company’s transition to a 64-bit architecture, it has rolled out its high-end appliance, a solution called STN-6800p. Designed to work with large-scale enterprise storage platforms, such as the NetApp FAS6070 and the EMC Celerra NSX, the STN-6800p expands enterprise functionality to high-end environments that perform large file-processing on huge volumes of files. It is available in an optional High Availability configuration, which allows for the highest level of mission-critical information availability. Also being offered in the P series are the STN-6300p, the company’s entry-level model, and STN-6500p, designed for enterprise environments. All appliances are vendor-agnostic and are plug-and-play.

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Q18LCDPD from Quest International

For use in cath lab applications and other radiological modalities, the Q18LCDPD from Quest International, Irvine, Calif, is an LCD replacement for CRT-based monitors. The 1.3 mp, 18-inch, high-brightness, high-contrast, grayscale monitor comes with a Plug and Go mounting base, which allows the unit to be installed using existing mount and slide hardware. According to Quest, facilities experience no loss of focus or phosphor burn and therefore the rate of repair or replacement is significantly reduced. Quest also points out that LCD backlight technology requires less power, the monitor runs cooler, and there is a reduction in radiation emission. The product’s design allows for wide viewing angles and height and angular adjustments. Quest officials say the product exhibits all the mechanical design elements of the original, without the bulky, original CRT-based monitors.

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ErgoTier from AFC Industries

Adding to its MaxFlex series of customizable workstations for radiology reading, AFC Industries Inc, of College Point, NY, has developed a next-generation single-tier cart called the ErgoTier. The cart combines a durable, height-adjustable, single-tier workstation with a flexible flat-panel monitor platform. With one touch of a button, users can adjust the height of the work surface and displays, as well as the forward, backward, and tilt positions. A full range of accessories is included with the ErgoTier. Cable management aims to keep wires neat and unobtrusive, and dimmer-controlled task lighting seeks to reduce eyestrain and monitor glare. Adjustable phone and dictation equipment supports keep the work surface clutter-free. Other features include a CPU/UPS platform, a footrest to ease back strain, and a cup holder.

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Check-in Kiosk from D2 Sales LLC

Available in beige, gray, and blue, the My Patient Passport Express kiosk from D2 Sales LLC, of Mequon, Wis, is preconfigured with hardware specified by Epic Systems for use with its patient check-in kiosk software. The kiosk allows patients to check in, make future appointments, and update their medical history by navigating a user-friendly touchscreen on a 17-inch monitor. At the kiosk, patients can also make credit card co-payments and sign documents using the integrated electronic signature pad. Custom-designed for the health care industry, the kiosk features HIPAA-compliant options, such as a privacy monitor and retracting printers with two output size options. Customers have the opportunity to add a custom-designed backlit panel with changeable translucent graphic art that inserts to the top of the kiosk.

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NuQuest V3.0 from MEDX

MEDX Inc, of Arlington Heights, Ill, recently released the newest version of its nuclear medicine image acquisition and processing software, the NuQuest V3.0. Described as a substantial upgrade from previous versions, the new software features flexible data transfer options, remote desktop support, a quick select menu, customizable acquisition and display, and full DICOM 3.0 compatibility with a modality worklist. Users can acquire image data with one click of the mouse, and they can process while acquiring. Additionally, customers have the ability to create standardized documentation layouts for consistent reading and reporting. NuQuest can be connected to virtually any gamma camera, and data is fully compatible with any of the four major cardiac quantification packages. The software operates on an intuitive Windows operating system.

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UltraGATEWAY v3.0 from UltraRAD

Meeting a demand for diagnostic and consultation offerings, UltraRAD Corp, West Berlin, NJ, has introduced the UltraGATEWAY v3.0, a highly configurable router that distributes images and information across point-to-point connections within the facility as well as any remote location. The UltraGATEWAY v3.0 endeavors to remove the burden of integration challenges by providing a bridge between disparate devices. Built to compress acquired data, the product enables seamless acquisition, compression of files, and logical routing capability to remote devices. For data distribution, it also offers automatic retry, automatic error recovery, and automatic notification of compression and transmission status. UltraGATEWAY v3.0 is designed to handle varying speed networks by adapting to an assortment of network conditions, and it also applies static mapping of various tags and scripts if a given modality does not handle tags required by the PACS system. Users can modify DICOM fields before sending to PACS.

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