Image Recording Station

TDK® Medical, Garden City, NY, introduces the TDK Medical CD Recording Station (CDRS) for recording patient images and results on CD or DVD. The CDRS station also: performs image transfers with approved DICOM-compliant modality or network; acts as a DICOM storage service class provider to receive studies from network-connected modalities; acts as a service class user to send studies to network-connected modalities; operates as a DICOM query/retrieve client, allowing it to pull studies from DICOM query servers; stores studies in a DICOM-compliant database on a local hard drive; and enablesediting content from CD and DVD to comply with a practice’s PACS/RIS. (800) 835-8273;

Orthopedic PACS

Agfa Healthcare, Ridgefield, NJ, introduces the IMPAX ES for orthopedics, which integrates Hectec (Altfraunhofen, Germany) orthopedic surgical planning software, mediCAD, into Agfa’s IMPAX OT3000™ Orthopedic Workstation to meet the needs of all major aspects of orthopedic surgical planning. IMPAX ES includes workflow tools for hip replacement, knee replacement, biometry, osteotomy, and coxometry. It is an open system with the ability to import, display, and archive DICOM images. It features an extensive library of 12,000 templates from 42 manufacturers, including hip, knee, elbow, hand, shoulder, osteotomy, pediatric, screws, and nail templates. (877) 777-2432;

Cardiac Flat-Panel Detector

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, has received Food and Drug Administration marketing clearance for the new C-panel flat-panel detector (FPD), a field-upgradeable component for Toshiba’s Infinix™ CC-i System. Designed specifically for cardiac imaging, the C-panel FPD technology delivers high-resolution dynamic imaging for cardiovascular intervention and diagnostic examinations, while providing flexibility for dose reduction. With the C-panel FPD, the Infinix CC-i offers a variety of frame rate options in both fluoro and record mode. The cardiac FPD features a 8-inch by 8-inch field-of-view for cardiac imaging procedures. (800) 421-1968;

Color 2MP LCD

Quest International Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the CCL212, a 2MP 21.3-inch color LCD, which provides bright, high-resolution images on both digital and analog interfaces. The LCD can be used for various modalities and medical applications, and features 10-bit gamma for subtle color expression, landscape or portrait viewing options, a maximum luminance of 450 cd/m2, long-life backlight, high contrast, and a wide viewing angle. (949) 581-9900;

Ergonomic Medical Furniture

AFC Industries Inc, College Point, NY, introduces the MaxFlex Series of height-adjustable furniture. The series includes a range of single-tier carts (available in rectangular, corner, and bean shapes), dual-tier carts, telescopic carts, and workstations. All items come with a full range of shelves, keyboard trays, and storage compartments. The MaxFlex Series of furniture is constructed with laminate surfaces in a broad selection of colors and steel supports, and is available in the configuration of the user’s choice. (800) 663-3412;

Ultrasound Image Management

TeraRecon, San Mateo, Calif, offers AquariusSONIC products for ultrasound image review, distribution, and storage. AquariusNET SONIC is a centrally shared server that allows for the distribution of ultrasound images for remote review. AquariusBLUE SONIC is a diagnostic workstation for reviewing ultrasound images (cine loops, frame by frame review, multiple windows, and dynamic assessments). Aquarius GATE allows for the efficient utilization and faster transmission speed of moving images over WAN. (650) 372-1100;