Remote Monitoring Services

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn, has enhanced its Synapse” PACS with Active Monitoring, an automated remote monitoring service designed to continuously and securely monitor and log the performance metrics of a Synapse system. Software agents continuously gather performance metrics such as central processing unit and memory utilization, and available disk space. Specific component and status information, including operating system/application version and patch levels, and the network address are monitored and measured against predetermined performance thresholds. When out-of-tolerance conditions are detected, Active Monitoring, which has a built-in reporting function, will automatically send an alert via email or pager. (800) 431-1850; .

Multi-function Imaging System

GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the Innova” 3100, the latest product in GE’s line of Innova flat panel cardiovascular imaging systems for diagnosis and treatment. The Innova 3100 system features GE’s Revolution detector technology, which enables the Innova system to perform cardiac, angiographic, interventional, and neurological applications. The detailed images produced by the Innova 3100 system enable physicians to see the finest vessels, and safely maneuver small medical devices, such as catheters, stents, and guidewires. (800) 558-5120; .

Ferromagnetic Alarm System

ETS-Lindgren”, Glendale Heights, Ill, introduces the Ferromagnetic Detection System, an alarm system that helps detect and warn personnel before an object of significant ferrous metal is brought into the MRI room, preventing patient injury and equipment damage. The system consists of two units (measuring approximately 4 x 5 x 2 inches) that can be mounted quickly, easily, and unobtrusively. The system can be set to alarm exclusively on significant hazards or to have an increased sensitivity. The system allows harmless non-ferromagnetic objects to pass and does not interfere with electronic medical equipment. (630) 307-7200; .

OEM Service Plan

Global Risk Services Ltd, Naperville, Ill, offers the Maintenance Value Plan (MVP), a program to help hospitals reduce costs from maintenance budgets. The MVP allows hospitals to participate in savings generated by eliminating existing contracts with vendors, while using these vendors to perform services. (630) 305-5527; .

3D Vascular Imaging Capability

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif, introduces 3D fusion digital subtraction angiography technology, known as 3D-FDSA, for its Infinix i-series. Developed in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, 3D-FDSA technology is an algorithm for rotational angiography, which combines separate reconstructions of blood vessels and bone structures in a single 3D representation. It illustrates both intracranial vascular anomalies and detailed anatomic correlation with surrounding bone structures. (800) 421-1968; .

Secure email Service

Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester, NY, announced a new registered email feature and an application service provider (ASP) model for its Kodak Secure E-Mail Service, and a new integration toolkit. The registered email feature enables the sender to be notified of the time and date that a recipient opens the email. The ASP model allows remote management of all administrative functions. The integration toolkit allows users to access and view information from selected vendor information management systems through the Kodak PACS System 5 workstation. (800) 328-2910; .