binarycode_keysAG Mednet, a provider of quality assurance software built specifically to detect errors at the investigator site prior to data submission, has launched automated software that checks data across subject visits, at the source.

AG Mednet Longitudinal Analysis, now included in the AG Mednet Submission Quality & Compliance (SQC) trial management system, makes determinations about the consistency and validity of imaging data as a trial progresses. The tool improves the quality and speed of clinical trials by automating imaging data collection and trial protocols.

“Consistency of data and automated data progression are critical for making informed clinical trial decisions,” said Abraham Gutman, president and chief executive of AG Mednet. “By adding Longitudinal Analysis as a standard component to our SQC clinical trial management system, AG Mednet is once again moving the industry closer to zero-delay clinical trials that save sponsors time and money, and advance trials in the most accurate way possible.”

AG Mednet’s SQC software immediately detects errors that result in query stoppages and allows users to verify information, automatically update support systems including electronic data capture, and dramatically reduce the amount of queries returned for correction or re-scanning.

For more information, visit AG Mednet.

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