female_cso_executive-100621649-primary.idgeWhile the information security profession has long been dominated by men, organizations can close the gender gap by working to address the obstacles that women in the workplace face. To learn more, read this article from cio.com.

“In order to redesign corporate culture and offer a more diversified incentives programs, enterprises need to first understand the obstacles women in security encounter in the workplace. ‘The first obstacle they will face is a lack of women in security. It’s a field that has grown out of IT, which is a field that’s been strongly dominated by men. That lack of diversity can be a blocker in terms of communication,’ Chris Brazdziunas vice president of engineering, LogRhythm said. Men and women communicate differently, and in an environment that is dominated by men, it is easier for men to communicate with each other and build relationships more quickly. As a result, ‘Women have to step in and do something they are less comfortable with and they are not assimilating as fast or understanding rules and options as quickly as men do,’ added Brazdziunas.”

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