Ed Moore, CEO, United Imaging Consultants LLC (UIC)

When the existing RIS supplier for United Imaging Consultants LLC (UIC) of Mission, Kan, stopped supporting its product, leadership at the facility realized that a change was in order. Having had difficulties with larger organizations in the past, the new offerings from Intelerad Medical Systems—whose IntelePACS system the facility has used since 2006—and the company’s focus on its clients made the decision easy.

“Our experience with the larger organization was that their focus was not primarily on radiology and their customer service was not meeting our expectations, causing us to seek a more focused approach from Intelerad,” said UIC Chief Executive Officer Ed Moore. “Intelerad’s focus on service and experience in the radiology field was a major contributing factor. That experience combined with Intelerad’s truly integrated solution seems unmatched in our field.” Intelerad, a supplier of medical imaging PACS, RIS, and workflow solutions, installed its new InteleSuite™ RIS/PACS solution, making UIC the first facility in the United States to utilize the product. InteleSuite is a complete and customizable set of RIS/PACS solutions that combines the KLAS Ambulatory category leader IntelePACS with Intelerad’s new InteleRIS.

InteleRIS is an agile radiology information solution featuring automated multiexam scheduling, patient registration, mammography BI-RADS reporting and tracking, voice recognition, electronic technologist worksheets, HL7 administration tools, business analytics, and more. The IntelePACS solution is an enterprise-level medical imaging solution that performs in a variety of site configurations because it is customizable to meet user needs. Combining secure communications and compression technology, it allows users the freedom to report studies from any location. It is also highly scalable and easily adapted over time to increase storage and add new sites.

United Imaging Consultants has relied on Intelerad?s IntelePACS since 2006 and recently became the first facility in the United States to install the vendor?s new InteleSuite? RIS/PACS solution.

Although the RIS hasn’t been completely installed yet, Moore has been impressed by both the implementation team as well as Intelerad’s customer-centric focus. In addition, the staff feels confident that once the installation is complete, productivity gains will be realized quickly. Moore anticipates great benefits to his organization with the comprehensive feature set of the seamlessly integrated Intelerad RIS and PACS. These include efficient scheduling and registration, intuitive workflows using automation, and enhanced visibility of operations with integrated business analytics.

“Both staff and physician reaction has been positive,” Moore said. “Staff has noted that they feel productivity increases should be realized soon after the RIS installation is complete.”

Moore is confident that InteleSuite will deliver the business benefits that have eluded other vendors’ RIS/PACS offerings in the past. He can leverage a truly integrated, single-vendor RIS/PACS to facilitate optimal resource utilization and volume throughput of patients and imaging. This will increase service levels and referring physician satisfaction, leading to increased revenues and profitability, while enhancing care for the patients UIC serves.