TierneyChances are you may be wondering if this time you received the same Medical Imaging magazine you receive every month in your mailbox. Yes, it is–just new and improved with a complete redesign.

This month we’re rolling out Medical Imaging’s new face-lift, complete with a new logo outside and more graphics inside. Art Director Luis Rivera Grull?n has been working hard on this redesign for a few months now with the objective of making Medical Imaging more user-friendly and appealing to our readers and, of course, our advertisers, too. We hope you agree.

At Medical Imaging, our focus is on News, Technology, and Integration of products and concepts utilized in the radiology department of the hospital, imaging center, freestanding clinic, or physician’s office. That stays the same. What has changed is the way we present that information–with more visually appealing colors, typefaces, and story layouts.

You’ll notice that our News Watch section has more concise, shorter stories and, thus, more of them. Like a lot of technology journals in a variety of industries, we’re whittling down the news we think you want into an executive summary style. We’ve added more white space as well to alleviate our previously “cluttered” style. In future issues you’ll find more charts and graphs to simplify the presentation of ideas.

We will continue to run our Special Section every month, highlighting one area of technology pertinent to medical imaging. This month, we’re focusing on ultrasound–specifically pediatric ultrasound, ultrasound contrast agents, and ultrasound applications in the OR. The section, which begins on page 19, provides more photos, subheads, and white space to offer a more pleasing presentation of information.

The body of the magazine, overall, is being sharpened too. We aim to provide more targeted and practical information for the needs of radiology in 2003 and beyond. Many of the new medical devices we write about are frequently touted as being “more user-friendly” or sporting a “new user interface”; now it is our turn.

We hope the new and improved Medical Imaging meets all of your previous needs for timely information about topics that matter to you–and is now just a little bit easier to read. If you have any opinions on our redesign or have suggestions for future story ideas, I would love to hear from you at [email protected].

Thanks for reading!

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Mary C. Tierney, Editor in Chief