When you’re responsible for supporting more than 1,025 medical facilities with preliminary and final reads, speed and efficiency are critical. That’s why Virtual Radiological Corp, a leading global provider of teleradiology services, has developed its own Picture Archiving and Communications System.

The new system, vRAD PACS, recently received U.S. FDA clearance. Virtual Radiologic will roll out the software to its 140 contracted affiliated radiologists nationwide over the next several months, gradually replacing the commercial software it currently licenses.

The company’s network of radiologists will interpret over two and half million diagnostic images this year through its teleradiology technology and proprietary platform. vRAD PACS incorporates a number of features suggested by these radiologists for ease of use and reading efficiency.

“Our teleradiology technology platform has been designed ‘by radiologists for radiologists,’ which we believe provides a significant competitive advantage,” said Rick Jennings, chief technology officer, Virtual Radiologic. ”In addition, since we now fully control all major components of our platform, we can continue to innovate with greater speed and flexibility.”