Zotec Partners, a radiology physician billing and practice management services company, is a new affiliate of the American College of Radiology (ACR) and will drive educational outreach initiatives for  “Leading Radiology into the Future,” a national campaign of the ACR’s Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI).

The RLI equips radiology professionals with the leadership skills needed to advance their careers and strengthen the industry as a whole, addressing the needs of radiology professionals from every career level and subspecialty.

In support of the RLI, the ACR launched the national campaign, “Leading Radiology into the Future,” with a goal to raise a minimum of $5,000,000 during the next five years for programmatic and technologic developments and to secure scholarship opportunities for deserving RLI participants. The ACR has invested $1,500,000 of its own funds to ensure the success of this important initiative. Additionally, the College has pledged $1,200,000 to the campaign to reaffirm its support and to build momentum, totaling $2,700,000 in support. 

“This partnership gives Zotec Partners a unique opportunity to cultivate new leaders and program enhancements that will meaningfully serve the radiology industry so that it is successfully poised for the future. Our professionals will work in tandem with the RLI to develop educational platforms for radiologists that further enhance their understanding and appreciation of corporate culture, strategy, fiscal policy and business management in our changing health care environment. As radiology business leaders, it is our duty and privilege to drive a program that will work to solidify and define radiology’s role in the American health care arena,” said T. Scott Law, founding partner of Zotec Partners.