Prostate and breast cancer are among the most common diseases affecting men and women. Catching both of these diseases in their earliest stages can be the key to survival.

To help radiologists and other clinicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating these diseases, iCAD, a provider of advanced imaging analysis and workflow solutions for the early identification of cancers, has announced a series of educational webinars. The accredited webinars, which will be held throughout 2010 and hosted by experts from leading U.S. institutions, are being offered by ICPME thanks to a grant from iCAD.

The webinars are designed to educate clinicians on the indications for use of MRI with prostate and breast cancer for detection, diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning and monitoring; provide a detailed review of MRI images, including case interpretation; review of the technical aspects of breast and prostate MRI exams; and guide clinicians in how to use MRI and advanced image analysis technology as part of the overall interpretation and standardization of reporting.

For more information about the webinars, visit,, or call 866-280-2239 ext. 7943.


(Source: Press Release)