internet_information_highway_usedAt RSNA 2015, Imalogix introduced its new Premium Edition, a cloud-based solution designed to remove and solve the complexity of recently adopted Joint Commission Dose standards.

With Imalogix Premium Edition a hospital’s local team has remote access to a centralized team of expert physicists to consult on the Joint Commission Process for dose compliance to help set up to document and track dose, manage protocols, set reference levels, identify outliers, and benchmark performance.  Organizations will obtain guidance on how to set up a Clinical Dose Optimization Committee with ongoing participation from a physicist, receive counsel to establish expected dose ranges and recommended alert levels, consultation in optimization of imaging protocols and monitoring by a physicist of dose tracking and support for alerts. Site data is benchmarked against national standards. Customers also will have access to best practices from more than 100 participating hospitals.

“Imalogix Premium Edition offers healthcare organizations one-stop shopping to navigate and meet dose regulations. With access to experienced top-notch physicists combined with our cloud-based imaging and dose performance solution, this will help organizations save time and money to meet regulations. This is a game-changer for the industry. We are offering the first out of the box solution that addresses the complexity beyond dose tracking and reporting to help solve the complex issues surrounding the process to meet dose regulations,” said John Heil, CEO of Imalogix.

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