Zotec Partners has introduced a new technology platform designed to help radiologists tap big data. Zotec Analytical Reporting Interface (ZARi) extracts algorithms from a practice’s data on a monthly and quarterly basis, transforming them into textual analytical summaries that inform business decisions.

“Zotec has always been at the forefront of analytical and reporting technology, which is why we believe it is critical to provide radiologists with the best and most complex levels of practice data, but also with a figurative and comparative understanding of what it means and how it pertains to their business,” said Jeff Maze, Zotec’s director of business intelligence. “With ZARi, radiologists now have the opportunity to not only view their data in numerical charts and graphs, but to also read about the financial health of their business in simple, coherent text.”

ZARi extracts data from the Comprehensive Zotec Analytics & Reporting (CZAR) tool, which works in the background to actively monitor a radiology practice’s entire revenue cycle 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

“Zotec constantly seeks ways to improve the client experience and optimize transparency in billing. ZARi takes our reporting capabilities one step further because it gives our clients a complete picture of their business in a well-written and all-inclusive story,” said T. Scott Law, Zotec’s founder and CEO. “We believe it is a profoundly innovative and necessary tool for radiologists as they seek to better understand their business, apply their data, and make improvements within the revenue cycle.”

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