ScImage Inc, a leading provider of Enterprise Imaging solutions and DiA Imaging Analysis, a global leading provider of AI-based cardiac ultrasound software, announce a commercial partnership to combine ScImage’s unique Cloud architecture with DiA’s AI-based automated cardiac ultrasound solution, LVivo Seamless.

The collaboration leverages each company’s strengths to give echocardiography (echo) labs greater access to the latest innovations in healthcare imaging technology. ScImage’s intelligent Cloud computing infrastructure together with DiA’s AI-based algorithms, will now be available to more echocardiologists and other imaging specialists, enabling them to maximize workflow efficiency in the echo lab environment and improve patient care.

“ScImage prides itself on delivering the most progressive, secure, True Cloud offering in healthcare today. By combining the compute power of PICOM365 with DiA’s LVivo Seamless, clinicians will be able to enjoy the highest level of quantitative image analysis and longitudinal measurement accuracy,” said Sai Raya, PhD, ScImage’s Founder and CEO. “We are proud of this partnership and how, together, we are changing the landscape of medical imaging.”

ScImage’s PICOM365 Cloud-centric enterprise imaging platform goes beyond PACS to deliver automated measurement-driven structured reporting, comprehensive viewing and quantification, image exchange and clinical analytics with a unique architecture that optimizes performance and cost. The technology supports image acquisition from even the most remote locations and access to all patient studies, enabling clinicians to read and report from any device.

Running behind-the-scenes as an integrated part of echo lab workflow, DiA’s AI-based LVivo Seamless automatically selects and analyzes the optimal cardiac ultrasound images, generating key clinical indications of left and right ventricle function on all echo studies. The results are automatically inserted into PICOM365 structured reports and immediately presented on the PICOM365 viewer for an efficient and fluent echo lab workflow.

“For artificial intelligence to be truly valuable, it must be integrated into the clinician’s daily routine and read flow,” said Hila Goldman Aslan, CEO and Co-founder of DiA Imaging Analysis. “Our team at DiA is excited to be working with ScImage, making both companies’ innovative solutions accessible to even more echocardiologists, sonographers and other cardiac ultrasound imaging specialists around the world.” 

To learn more or view a demonstration, visit ScImage at booth 1615 and DiA Imaging Analysis at booth 2015 at the American Society of Echocardiography’s (ASE) 33rd Annual Scientific Session in Seattle, WA. June 10th – 13th, 2022

[Source(s): DiA Imaging Analysis; ScImage Inc; PR Newswire]