survey_online_webAxis Imaging News conducted an online survey to find out what radiologists and radiology administrators are hoping to gain from this year’s RSNA event. Here’s some of what we learned.

Survey respondents said they are in employed in one of three settings:

Hospital (62%)

Private Practice (25%)

Imaging Center (12%)

When asked, what topics they are most interested in hearing about at RSNA, survey respondents cited four key areas: 

Legislative/regulatory issues (25%),

Practice management concerns (23%)

Healthcare IT challenges (23%)

Clinical research (17%)

money_spotlight2We also asked respondents to tell us what products and modalities they are most interested in seeing and purchasing on the exhibit floor. Here’s what they told us:

CT scanners (16%)

MRI (16%)

Women’s Imaging (15%)

Ultrasound (14%)

Digital radiography (11%)

Monitors/displays (9%)

Nuclear medicine (9%)

Interventional equipment (7%)

As for which healthcare IT technologies they are most interesting in seeing or purchasing, respondents said:

Clinical decision support (25%)

Analytics/Business intelligence (22%)

PACS/RIS (21%)

Breast density tools (10%)

EHR (10%)

VNAs (7%)

Other (4%)

Finally, we asked survey respondents who do NOT plan to attend RSNA 2014 to tell us why. The overwhelming majority cited budget cuts:

Budget cuts/Not affordable (50%)

Too busy/Can’t get away from work (23%)

Event is of limited value to me/my organization (16%)

I can access information I want from RSNA website (7%).