By Elaine Sanchez Wilson

Beginning Sunday, July 19th, The Venetian Hotel in Vegas will host the annual meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA 2015), when imaging leaders will see the newest tools and learn the latest in radiology administration news. Here is a small sampling of the technologies and events you can experience at the conference:

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging
Booth 324

Konica Minolta SONIMAGE Konica Minolta, Ramsey, NJ, is extending its popular Blue Moon Lifecycle Solutions to its ultrasound family of products to further deliver economic value, clinical confidence, and worry-free operation of the company’s handheld SONIMAGE P3 and portable SONIMAGE HS1 ultrasound systems.

Customers can select from three right-sized plans— Blue Moon Elite, Blue Moon Select, and Blue Moon Basic—to balance their uptime and productivity requirements against individual risk tolerance and budgets. The plans differ in the availability of value-added services such as software upgrades, end user education, disaster response protection, and probe protection.

The company is also exclusively offering AHRA attendees a $1,500 discount off the list price of its handheld SONIMAGE P3.

For more information, visit Konica Minolta.

Hitachi Medical Systems America
Rooms 4205/4206/4305/5406, Level 4

Hitachi is scheduled to host a breakfast symposium titled “Population Health Management in Radiology” on Tuesday, July 21, from 6:30am until 8am in the Lando Rooms on Level 4 of The Venetian.

Presented by Manasi Kapoor, senior consultant at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, the talk will provide an analysis of population health goals and showcase how they align with the radiology imaging market. Attendees will listen to case studies and insights from some of the early adopters of population health. The presentation will also share the organizational hallmarks required for a successful population health strategy.

To register for the symposium, visit Hitachi.

Agfa HealthCare
Booth 1018

At the show, Agfa HealthCare, Greenville, SC, will launch its new mobile digital radiography (DR) system with FreeView telescopic column, creating better ease of use and an unobstructed view while driving the mobile DR system.

The maneuverable, wireless DX-D 100 unit combines full mobility with MUSICA image processing, enabling high-quality radiology exams to be efficiently performed in mobile environments, including intensive care units, emergency departments, and operating rooms at the patient bedside.

Agfa_DXD100 With the new FreeView technology, the telescopic column of the DX-D 100 can be collapsed when moving and positioning the system. Offers faster and easier positioning more reliably than traditional electric columns, the technology also requires less maintenance. Secondary controls on the system’s arm allow positioning to be refined without returning to the main console, enabling operation by just one person and allowing the operator to stay with the patient at all times.

In addition, the new DX-D 100 comes with a crystal lead battery upgrade that offers 30% more battery life and maximizes clinical operating time by powering the motor and the generator separately. New features include a collimator with advanced dose management features, a dose-area product meter, and infrared wireless remote control.

Other solutions that Agfa will highlight include DX-D Retrofit, the CR 15-X tabletop computed radiography solution, and an enterprise imaging unified platform.

For more information, visit Agfa Healthcare.

Booth 1025

Carestream CBCT -3 Carestream, Rochester, NY, will be showcasing its investigational cone beam CT (CBCT) system, which is currently undergoing patient studies, with a conceptual scale model on display.

The studies will help guide Carestream’s development of CBCT systems for orthopedic imaging at hospitals, clinics, and sports medicine providers. CBCT uses less radiation than traditional CT; systems are compact and affordable and can be used in a wide range of facilities. The company is exploring the benefits of CBCT technology for capturing images of patient extremities including weight-bearing images of knees, legs, and feet, which are of particular interest to orthopedic and sports medicine specialists.

CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System - 1The company will also unveil new ultrasound systems that recently received FDA 510(k) clearance and are available for order in the United States. The CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System and the CARESTREAM Touch Prime XE Ultrasound System are both designed for general diagnostic imaging use in radiology. Both systems offer a sealed, all-touch control panel that offers etched marking for primary controls, making it possible for the user to key functions without looking away from the monitor.

Also at the conference, Todd Minnigh, an international radiology expert and a Carestream Health vice president, will give an educational presentation titled “Leading By Listening: Helping Your Customers Be Successful” on Wednesday, July 22, from 10am until 11am.

“It’s important for administrators to monitor feedback from referring physicians about each patient’s imaging experience and the timeliness and quality of reporting. Healthcare, like any business, is about satisfying your direct clients and your clients’ customers—in this case, their patients,” Minnigh said.

For more information, visit Carestream.

Booth 1825

RU-3000 BG Rayence, Fort Lee, NJ, will be highlighting its newly FDA-cleared RU-3000 Digital Universal Radiography System, equipped with a unique U-arm that features a compact design with dual telescoping arm movement. The U-arm permits installation in settings having ceiling heights of just 8 feet. Fully motorized movements can be automatically programmed to user-specific radiographic positions utilizing an intuitive touchscreen located tube side, a handheld remote control, or by using the technologist workstation.

The company will also showcase its wireless 1417 C-Series detectors, which are lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and ideal for in-room and portable applications.

For more information, visit Rayence.

Booth 518

Viztek, Garner, NC, will showcase its full portfolio of digital radiography and PACS offerings, including the Leggera and ViZion + Wireless DR panels, the U-Arm DR with Ultra software and the IT-enabled Exa PACS solution.

Using passive trigger technology for ease of integration and flexible usage, the complete Viztek line of DR panels is ideal for use in any new or retrofit system. The panels can be sold as complete new dual detector rooms, u-arms, straight arms, as well as retrofit options. Furthermore, the U-Arm DR single workstation system enables greater visualization of soft tissue and bones from the same study exposure.

Introduced at last year’s AHRA meeting, Viztek’s Ultra DR imaging software was developed to broaden capabilities for radiologists and technologists. The software permits tasks to be performed all on one screen, improving overall workflow and allowing more time for patient care. In addition, it is customizable, allowing physicians and technologists to preset the user-friendly controls to capture the preferred views. Also available is a pediatric imaging package, ideal for facilities working to align with the goals and recommendations of the American College of Radiology’s Image Gently initiative. 

Meanwhile the Web-based Exa PACS platform is supported on any device, enabling immediate, remote access to full PACS functionality for radiologists. It integrates with Viztek’s Exa EHR to store and share data required for meaningful use and for access to a patient’s complete medical history, providing a more informed diagnosis.

For more information, visit Viztek.

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA
Booth 818

Fujifilm, Stamford, Conn, will spotlight new digital radiography solutions designed to meet the business needs of radiology professionals.

FUJI_DEVO II The company’s FDR D-EVO II detectors are lightweight with a ruggedized magnesium alloy case and a sleek smooth shape that simplifies positioning under patients. Inside, its electronics have been re-engineered to enhance dose efficiency and improve diagnostic image quality at ultra-low dose levels. D-EVO II is also the world’s first detector protected with a Fujifilm exclusive engineered antibacterial coating.

Fujifilm will also introduce a new image-processing tool called Virtual Grid, which intelligently adapts contrast to improve image quality. With the ability to customize its emulated grid characteristics, Virtual Grid provides exam flexibility and eliminates image quality problems that result from improper grid alignment or focal distance especially common with mobile imaging. Virtual Grid processing is designed to be of great benefit to technologists for mobile imaging applications in emergency room, operating room, and critical care, among others. The Virtual Grid is designed for use with Fujifilm DR detectors and the FDX Console workstation.

For more information, visit Fujifilm.