DetectED-X, an online radiology training and research tool associated with the University of Sydney, Australia, has launched an image-based COVID-19 diagnosis improvement tool that is available free of charge to anyone in the world with an Internet connection.

As COVID-19 testing ramps up, the [CovED] platform could facilitate rapid training where required—with modules able to be completed in as little as an hour—upskilling staff unfamiliar with lung radiology to prepare standardized reports for expert review.

“The number of patients that are suffering from this life-threatening illness is fast outpacing the number of skilled staff required to accurately diagnose the required lung CT scans,” [says Patrick Brennan, PhD, of the University of Sydney and CEO of DetectED-X]. “Our platform does not replace expert medical and radiologic training but CovED provides an effective way to recognise rapidly the appearances of COVID-19, which could be critical in a situation of too many patients and not enough expert radiologists, with the modules taking just 1-2 hours to complete.“This will be immediately crucial in developing countries, where numbers of radiologists are often insufficient – our tests will help people not only diagnose COVID-19 but also identify potentially life-threatening cases wherever they are.”

Read more from the University of Sydney and from DetectED-X.

Featured image: CT image of a 71-year-old man shows consolidation of right upper lobe and ground-glass opacity with consolidation and reticular and/or interlobular septal thickening of left upper lobe of left upper lobe; and patchy, focal, often rounded peribronchovascular and subpleural opacities associated with reticulation and architectural distortion. Image, RSNA.