Siemens Healthcare announced three Strategic Consulting solutions for accountable care to help hospital and health system customers meet health care reform objectives, such as hospital Value Based Purchasing programs, reduction of Preventable Re-admissions, and reduction of Healthcare Acquired Conditions. Siemens Strategic Consulting helps customers prepare for accountable care by identifying the critical systems and processes that contribute to achievement of these objectives. Helping hospitals find more sustainable approaches to meeting the challenges of health reform is a key goal of Agenda 2013, which is a 2-year global initiative in the Siemens Healthcare Sector.

The Siemens Value Based Purchasing (VBP) Solution assists hospitals in identifying gaps in current processes and technologies, while directing attention to the appropriate changes in order for organizations to optimize care delivery and establish performance metrics that have a more direct impact on fiscal incentive payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
The Siemens solutions for Preventable Readmissions and Healthcare Acquired Conditions (HACs) are new Strategic Consulting offerings that are designed to address the financial and clinical impact of these mandates. The solution for Preventable Readmissions provides consulting expertise, tools, and services to assist providers and payors with benchmarking, performance improvement, and continuous quality improvement by creating or enhancing effective programs.

Siemens Healthcare Acquired Conditions program provides services that deliver and support risk identification, outcomes improvement, identification of conditions present on admission (POA), condition and risk monitoring, and industry benchmarks for the 10 categories of conditions that guide the HAC payment provision before, during, and after a patient visit.