A number of researchers received professional research grants by the ASRT Foundation.

-The Foundation gave a $10,000 grant to Richard H. Weening, PhD, and colleagues to gather data from US hospitals to help identify risk factors that lead to MRI patient safety incidents.
-Melissa B. Jackowski, EdD, was awarded a $9,938 grant to evaluate what leadership characteristics individuals working in radiology feel are most important.
-A $9,975 grant was awarded to Jenny Soo, MEd, Ben Lee, MA, Rosemin Vellani, and Mitchell Liu, MD, for a research study to determine the level of concordance between oncologists and radiation therapists in evaluating cone-beam computed tomography images for stereotactic body radiation therapy treatments of the spine, liver and lung.
-Brian Johnson, MS, was awarded a $9,722 grant to launch a project with colleagues from Pennsylvania State University that will use advanced neuroimaging techniques to evaluate the effect of subconcussive head trauma in athletes.
-A grant in the amount of $4,786.45 was awarded to Jeff B. Killion, PhD, and colleague James N. Johnston, PhD, for a study that will investigate whether educators are experiencing burnout and other adverse health effects as a result of using smart devices