Imagine a single machine that performs a full range of diagnostic imaging from mammograms, to x-rays, to CT scans, and more. Nanox, an entrepreneurial firm based in Israel and Japan, hopes to make that vision a reality within 2 years, according to reporting from Israel21c.

Sort of like Star Trek’s fictitious “biobed,” the Nanox.Arc could provide a full-body digital X-ray scan down to the cellular level.

“Because it’s digital, it’s multispectral. You don’t need different machines to do different kinds of imaging,” says [Israeli serial entrepreneur Ran] Poliakine. That includes mammography, CT, fluoroscopy and angiography, for instance.

“It’s similar to using an iPhone to listen to music and take pictures and make calls.”

Nanox.Arc’s companion software, Nanox.Cloud, will be a cloud-based repository for all the imaging data.

Modernizing X-ray imaging from the way it’s been done since 1895 “is something the world was waiting for,” says Poliakine.

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