Mammographic Accreditation Phantom
Nuclear Associates is offering the Mammographic Accreditation Phantom (model 18-220) to ensure optimum image quality and peak performance of a mammography system. The phantom complies with ACR phantom specifications and QC requirements, contains test objects to simulate indications of breast cancer and can monitor the overall performance of the x-ray generator, film processor and screen-film combination. The phantom, intended for use as part of a Mammographic Quality Control Program, detects imaging changes so a facility can make the necessary corrections to maintain peak system performance.

For more information, contact Nuclear Associates at 888-466-8257 or visit its Website at

d04b.jpg (7792 bytes)Color Micro Camera
Panasonic Industrial/Medical Group is offering the GP-US542 3CCD color micro camera measuring 20mm in diameter, and featuring the latest advancements in CCD and digital signal processing (DSP) technology. Panasonic claims the cylindrically shaped “lipstick” camera is the smallest 3DDC camera available in the industry. The GP-US542 features three 1/4-inch IT CCDs and 10-bit DSP circuitry to produce images with 700 lines of horizontal resolution in a minimum illumination of 15 lux. The unit also features “automatic pixel registration” to provide images without dropouts even after many hours of operation.

For more information, contact Panasonic at 888-880-8474 or visit its Website at

d04c.jpg (7141 bytes)Surgical C-arm Table
Biodex Medical Systems has released a new Surgical C-arm Table with a free-float XY tabletop tailored for cardiovascular procedures. The cantilevered low attenuation carbon fiber tabletop offers an extra large radiolucent area free of cross members that allows full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-arm positioning. Functional design accommodates portable or ceiling-suspended C-arms, providing complete imaging access with reduced radiation exposure to clinicians. A push-button release for the free-float feature is located at the end of a handgrip that can be placed at any point on the OR accessory rail.

For more information, contact Biodex Medical Systems at 800-224-6339 (in N.Y., call 631-924-9000), or visit its Website at

d04d.jpg (10468 bytes)Current Transducer
GMW Associates is offering a new addition to the Danfysik Ultrastab Current Transducer product range for ohmically isolated, precision measurement of electric current. Operating on the principal of maintaining zero magnetic flux in a toroidal core, the 867-400 has a precise 2000:1 current ratio with an output of +/- mA for a +/-400 A primary current. The transfer linearity is better than 3ppm with a temperature coefficient of less than 0.3ppm/?C. Applications for the 867-400 include current control of particle accelerator corrector and focusing electromagnet power supplies and magnetic resonance imaging gradient amplifiers.

For more information, contact GMW at 650-802-8292 or visit its Website at

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