The Sonoline G50 ultrasound sysyem from Siemens Medical

Ultrasound system sales have grown a healthy 10 percent over the past year as new units and functionalities fuel new placements and replacements. Enhancement debuts were many at RSNA, which should keep the market moving in a positive direction.

Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Group (Issaquah, Wash.) came to RSNA 2002 with two new units as well as new technologies for the Acuson Sequoia and Sonoline Antares systems, as well as dedicated vascular capabilities on the portable Acuson Cypress.

The Sonoline G60 S and Sonoline G50 are new portable ultrasound systems. The G60 S is a multi-specialty system that accommodates imaging applications from radiology — including deep abdominal imaging, specialty applications and high-frequency imaging — to cardiology with an integrated stress echo package and transesophageal echo capability.

On the upgrade side, the new Signature II option for the Sequoia system includes an Advanced Imaging Package (AIP) based on Sequoia Coherent Imaging Technologies to improve contrast resolution and increase penetration, but also maintain excellent temporal and spatial resolution and increase diagnostic confidence across a broad range of applications, Siemens says.

With Signature II, users also have access to options including Cadence Contrast Pulse Sequencing, which detects the strong, non-linear fundamental and higher order harmonic signals from contrast agents, and FreeStyle Dynamic color Doppler imaging, which provides the user the ability to display dynamic, real-time color Doppler information over the extended field-of-view image. Additionally, the now available 3D MultiPlanar Reconstruction (MPR) feature provides the ability for physicians and sonographers to view anatomical planes that are not achievable with normal scanning techniques.

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