CrystaLine, a new ultrasound technology from Esaote, offers solutions for bariatric patients and those patients that pose traditional scanning difficulties. The system will be on display at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna March 6-10.

Combined pulse imaging technology increases the depth-of-field to provide better imaging of structures deep in the body. An adjustable XView+ speckle noise reduction system helps to optimize the image. Esaote systems with CrystaLine are also able to synchronize in real time with therapeutic applications such as Echolaser to guide laser ablation and other procedures.

“CrystaLine enables clinicians to synchronise with interventional systems such as medical lasers,” said Faustmann. “This feature plus the introduction of the 0 degrees biopsy-interventional dedicated probe, is an example of the huge potential for Esaote and ultrasound in direct therapeutic applications.”

CrystaLine is available on Esaote’s MyLab Twice, Seven, and Alpha ultrasound systems. For more information, visit Esaote.