The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) has revamped its Web sites. In addition to the main site,, the IAC has redesigned its other sites for specific accreditation information for each imaging discipline.

The IAC’s updated Web sites now include:

ICAVL for noninvasive vascular testing,

ICAEL for echocardiography,

ICANL for nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, and PET,

ICAMRL for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),

ICACTL for computed tomography (CT),

ICACSF for carotid stenting,

The new sites are designed to be cleaner and uncluttered, while still visually dynamic with moving images, easier navigation, accreditation information, applications, and more.

Several new sections including details for maintaining compliance and tips for accredited facilities to promote their accreditation status.

Outpatient imaging facilities must receive accreditation by the IAC or other CMS-approved accreditation bodies for each advanced imaging modality by January 1, 2011.

Visit the new site for more information.


(Source: Press Release)