New Mexico Software Inc., an information management solutions firm based in Albuquerque, recently announced that its revenues have increased by 8.2% in one year, going from $913,000 for fiscal 2006 to $988,000 for fiscal 2007.

The company interpreted the increase as the result of the success of its teleradiology solution, XR-EXpress, which generated a 103.6% increase in sales. It experienced a 15% increase in gross profits to $512,000 for 2007, as compared to $446,000 gross profit for 2006.

Net loss for fiscal 2007 was reduced by 73%, to $739,000 from $2.7 million in fiscal 2006, an amount that the company attributes to cost-reduction strategies.

According to company execs, New Mexico is focusing on applications in the medical field throughout the year, and it will strategically adjust its product mix with a higher profit margin.